Join us at Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse in downtown Glenwood Springs for a great meal in one of our three outdoor venues!

A Sampling of Some of the Specials for Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lunch Specials

*A Wild Rice and Portabella Mushroom Pancake topped with Cider Glazed Pulled Pork and Crispy Onions $8.75
*Chesapeake Bay Blue Point Oysters served Raw on the Half Shell  $12.00/6
*Eggs Benedict served with Fresh Fruit offered three ways:
–with Canadian Bacon  $8.75
–with Smoked Salmon Lox  $9.75
–Vegetable with Portabella Mushroom, Tomato and Spinach  $9.75
*Tarragon Scented New England Style Lobster Roll on a Parmesan Hoagie with House Made Potato Chips and Choice of Caesar or Lucy’s Salad  $15.75
*Grilled Steak Burger Topped with French Brie Cheese and Holly’s Hellacious Jalapeno Jelly  $11.75
*Grilled Hawaiian Ono with Soy Ginger Butter Sauce, Pickled Ginger and a Tempura Shrimp  $14.50
*Organic Norwegian Salmon or Florida Gulf Ahi Tuna for Salads and Sandwiches
*Fresh East Coast Cod for Fish and Chips

Soup of the Day


Dinner Specials

*Sesame Seared Florida Gulf Ahi Tuna with an Oriental Citrus Glaze, Asian Cucumber and Pickled Ginger Relish Topped with a Tempura Shrimp  $24.75
*Grilled California White Sea Bass on a Red Chili Cream Paired with a Palisade Peach, Muenster, and Goat Cheese Chile Relleno  $24.75
*Grilled 3/4 Pound Sterling Silver Boneless Ribeye Steak with Creamy Horseradish  $29.50
*Palisade Sweet Corn, Cut from the Cobb and Sautéed with Roasted Anaheim Chile  $3.75

Glass Wine Specials

*Plum Creek Chardonnay 2014, Palisade Colorado …$8.00
*Castoro Cellars Merlot 2014, Paso Robles California …$7.75

Dessert Specials

*Cherry Pie $5.25 and Florida Key Lime Pie $6.50
*Palisade Peaches and Cream $5.25